jazmine lowe
DATE OF BIRTH & AGE: 08/08/1989, 27
BIRTHPLACE: arlington, tx
CITY OF RESIDENCE: los angeles & new york
OCCUPATION: singer/songwriter
FAMILY: darrion

The Lowe family had more humble beginnings then the life they were living now, Amara and Darryl both worked sun up till sun down to become all that they were, provide for each other and the children they brought into the world. Amara started out as a struggling model, going audition to audition before someone took interest in her and started her down the path of fashion dominance, not afraid to speak her mind to those that stood in the way. After her modeling fame came, she branched out into the designer world and showed everyone exactly how fierce and determined she was. Darryl always had a bright future ahead of him and when he graduated from college there was only one passion he wanted to pursue, professional football. He started his twelve year cornerback career in Atlanta playing for the Falcons until being traded and finishing off playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Darryl became a feared pass defender and hall of famer, transitioning to NFL analyst after retiring in 1991. Amara was an independent and feisty woman who lacked a filter, Darryl was more calm, level headed and rarely let intense feeling show. They were never a match made in heaven, brought out the best and worst parts of each other but the love was there and that was all that mattered.

Jazmine was a mix of her parents strengths and weaknesses. Perfectly content being alone, would always be there to talk if someone needed it, stay relaxed in tense situations, simply roll her eyes when shit got said around the Lowe household but most times a sarcastic remark would escape her mouth before others had time to take in what was first said. If someone wanted to get loud, she could without a doubt get loud and shut them down. The sass ran deep in Jaz and while she was never one to bite her tongue, she knew to think before she spoke because in the entertainment world everything could be held against you. It almost seemed more times than not the Lowe siblings were at odds with each other, they were the first to put each other on blast for stupid antics or remarks but no matter what they shared the same blood and would call out anyone else not in the Lowe circle that tried to run their mouth.

With her parents being role models, Jaz worked her ass off to get what she wanted and didn't let anyone stand in her way. There was an unspoken rule that you either were in school or out doing what you made you happy, either one you chose you went out and got it. Amara and Darryl didn't work hard to have their children be entitled and live off them. Jaz went the education route but as soon as she graduated college decided it was time to make her own mark in hollywood. She was well aware that her last name helped to get her into the studio a bit quicker than others but was damn sure she was going to prove that it was dedication and talent that kept the mixtapes coming and eventual album release.


aquarius album released 2014
amethyst mistape released 2015
black water mixtape released 2013
reverie mixtape released 2012
in case we die mixtape released 2012

creed (2015) bianca